The mission of the Caribbean Science Foundation (CSF) is to assist with the diversification of the economies of the Caribbean Region by harnessing science and technology for economic development, and to help raise the standard of living.

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  1. The CSF SPISE program has served 109 students since 2012 (see SPISE Description)
  2. SPISE students are enrolled or have attended at many prestigious universities, including those listed below and others, with excellent financial aid packages:
  3. Fall 2018 will see additional SPISE students enrolling at prestigious universities as follows: 2 more at MIT, 1 more at Stanford, 1 more at Harvard, 1 at Yale, 1 at Princeton, 1 at the Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1 at Georgia Tech, 1 at NYU, 2 more at the Univ. of Rochester, 1 at NJIT, 1 at Lehigh University, 1 at Iowa State, 1 more at Trent Univ., 1 at Bristol Univ.,1 at Univ. of St. Andrews, 1 at Univ. of Manchester and 2 more at Univ. of the West Indies. Most of these students also have substantial financial aid packages, and some have full scholarships. This represents a tremendous early return on the investment provided by their SPISE sponsors.
  4. The CSF Robotics Camp has served 80 students since 2015 in 3 levels of the Camp (see Junior Robotics Camp Description)
  5. A pilot of the CSF Computer Coding Camp was held January – March 2018 with 12 students (see Computer Coding Camp Description)
  6. Nine STEM Teacher Training Workshops for primary school teachers have been held since 2015 in St. Vincent, Antigua, Barbados, St. Kitts, Dominica, Kingston and Montego Bay (see STEM Teacher Training Workshop Description)
  7. CSF made its first grant, under its CaribVenture vehicle, to AES Energy systems of Barbados for US$ 20,000 in January of 2017. The grant is for the development of software to aid energy audits and manage electricity usage (see CaribVenture Description)
  8. The CADSTI-New England & CSF Student Internship Program has placed a total of 28 students, during the period 2014 – 2017, in summer internships in the US, Canada, Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad in the areas of biotechnology, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, renewable energy, software development and actuarial sciences (see Student Internship Program Description)
  9. CADSTI-UK has initiated a STEM Coaching Club that helps students in the London area to prepare for the GCSE in the STEM disciplines. The Club meets on Saturday mornings. More information is available at the CADSTI-UK Website
  10. The CSF has produced a comprehensive blueprint for the Ministry of Labour of Barbados addressing the means by which STEM can be harnessed to create more and better employment opportunities for the people of Barbados. The document is available at the link:CSF Final Report – STEM Blueprint for Barbados-5SEP2016


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Interviews with Featured SPISE Students

Joel Beazer (SPISE 2013)

Home Country: Antigua
University: Harvard – Class of 2018
Major: Physics/Chemistry

Question 1. How would you describe your SPISE experience?

Before going to SPISE, I was never a part of such an intense learning environment. I believe that SPISE has allowed me to learn new areas. It has also helped me to see that there are a number of brilliant Caribbean people in the world and that academics can be much higher than I had previously known it to be. SPISE was an eye opener and it challenged me more than I ever was before.
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Liam Neath (SPISE 2012)

Home Country: Jamaica
University: Stanford – Class of 2018
Major: Electrical Engineering/Computer Science

Question 1. How would you describe your SPISE experience?

It was great. I was exposed to lots of material in Engineering field. I had a great time with SPISE and my colleagues, and appreciated the holistic approach to Science and Engineering and also appreciated how advanced SPISE was.
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Kester Wade (SPISE 2013)

Home Country: Trinidad and Tobago
University: Stanford – Class of 2018
Major: Chemical Engineering

Question 1. How would you describe your SPISE experience?

My SPISE experience was really insightful. I was immersed in so many new topics like Mandarin, Biochemistry and Entrepreneurship. Plus, I really learnt about approaching problems critically and through collaborative design thinking with projects like building a robot and presenting a comprehensive business proposal. The program opened my eyes to possible future endeavors regarding college and beyond.
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Featured CSF Personality

Mrs. Daneilia De Silva – Our Assistant Director for Program Management

Mrs. Daneilia De Silva currently serves as the new Assistant Director of Program Management for the CSF. Her responsibilities include program creation and management, coordination of all program activities and logistics, as well as management of program budgets. These tasks are critical for advancing our portfolio of programs which promote STEM in the Region. In addition to managing the day to day activities of the office, she is also serves as a focal point for communication between the CSF and external organizations and individuals. Mrs. De Silva, also affectionately known as “Dee Dee”, brings a wealth of knowledge from the legal industry having served for 15 years as an Executive Legal Secretary and Legal Executive.


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CSF is a project of the Caribbean Diaspora for Science, Technology, & Innovation (CADSTI). Donations directly support CSF. Click this link to read about the projects and activities of the CSF that are in need of support.



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