Database of Professionals/Consultants

CADSTI maintains a database of Caribbean science, technology and business professionals. It is intended for this database to be a resource useful to governments, industries, universities, other institutions and, in general, the people of the Caribbean. CADSTI will keep your detailed biographic information on file but will display only your basic information publicly on this website. If you want no information at all displayed, when you join please check the appropriate security box at the end of the application form.

CADSTI and CSF are often asked to help provide solutions to technical and policy problems in the Region and the Diaspora. It does so by recommending how to buy klonopin members in its database as consultants for these opportunities.  In the case where the consultant charges a fee for his/her services, the consultant is expected to make a contribution to the work of the CSF.  Such contributions are part of the sustainability mechanism of the CSF.

If you are a professional in the science, technology or business fields looking for a way to contribute to the Caribbean region, please consider joining CADSTI. Further, if you are interested in helping to set up a branch in your city or contributing to the work of a branch in your city, please contact Professor Cardinal Warde, President of CADSTI.