SPISE 2020


* SPISE 2020 will be held with safety being the CSF’s top priority.
* If needed, SPISE 2020 will be held on-line in part or in entirely (due to the coronavirus pandemic) with hands-on labs/projects being adjusted accordingly.

Important Dates

Program Dates: Sunday July 5 – Sunday August 9, 2020
Application Deadline (e-mail): Extended to April 5, 2020 at 11:59 PM AST

SPISE 2020 Application Forms


NEW! Given the coronavirus pandemic, the following adjustments are being made:
(1) Separate from or as part of the on-line application, submit an unofficial transcript by April 5 (if not possible, contact csfhdq@gmail.com with an explanatory email)
(2) Submit official transcripts asap and most preferably by April 11 (Note: students cannot be accepted if neither an official nor unofficial transcript is submitted by the time final decisions are made on May 3, 2020)
(3) Provisions will be made for students who need to take CXC exams during SPISE

To be eligible to apply to SPISE, students must be:
(1) At least age 16 but less than age 18 on April 1, 2020 (new date)
(2) Citizens or permanent residents of the English-speaking Caribbean (excluding U.S. territories) or Bermuda, and have been enrolled in a high school within the Caribbean or Bermuda for the past 4 years. (Note: applicants from the Dutch, French and Spanish-speaking Caribbean countries may be considered on a case-by-case basis.)

Before filling out an application, be sure to read in its entirety the SPISE Program Description on the SPISE page


as well as the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

SPISE 2020 FAQs.pdf

Students applying to the program will need to:

  • Fill out the online application form below and provide all the materials requested within it.
  • Provide the appropriate requests for recommendations to their: (a) School Principal or Guidance Counselor, (b) a current Math Teacher, and (c) a current Science Teacher.

You must use the Google Chrome browser to fill in the form, as this will minimize potential browser-specific errors. Use of the “back” button may not display your previous-page entries on some browsers. Other browsers may appear to work, but we will not see your application. So if you do not have Chrome on your computer, you should install it before starting to fill out the application. Also, you should fill in the form up to page 4 in one sitting. If you do not complete up to page 4 in one sitting, and if you do not close your browser all your data entered should remain for several hours. Your data will be destroyed once the browser is closed or your session expires.
The SPISE 2020 Application period is now open. To apply, go to:

SPISE 2020 Student Application Form

Applicants who move on to the second round of the admissions process may be asked to participate in a Skype interview as part of the selection process.


Applications for SPISE Teaching Assistants (TAs) are provided below in WORD (for electronic completion) and PDF formats. The TA positions are open until filled. TAs are expected to be familiar with the details of the program, and, therefore, before applying, should read:(a) the Program Description, (b) the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) above, and (c) “What SPISE Teaching Assistants should know” (at the end of the application form).

SPISE 2020 TA Application Form.doc

SPISE 2020 TA Application Form.pdf



Applicants interested in SPISE Instructor positions should send their CV to SPISE Director Dinah Sah at dinah.csf@gmail.com

Further Information

Please contact Prof. Cardinal Warde (warde.csf@gmail.com or 1-617-699-1281) – Faculty Director of SPISE, or Dr. Dinah Sah (dinah.csf@gmail.com or 1-617-803-2135) – Director of SPISE, with your questions about the program and about student sponsorship. Also, please be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) above for further details about SPISE.

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For further information, please contact:
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