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Caribbean UK Students Urged to Apply to SPISE

Under a special agreement between CADSTI-UK and the Caribbean Science Foundation (CSF), UK students of Caribbean descent are eligible to apply to the Student Program for Innovation in Science and Engineering (SPISE). SPISE is an intensive four-week enrichment residential summer program for gifted Caribbean high-school students who are interested in studying and exploring careers in science and engineering.


Students-attaching-wind-turbine-blades.jpgSPISE is modelled after the well-known and highly successful Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science program at MIT named MITES. SPISE students study university-level calculus, physics, biochemistry, entrepreneurship and humanities. In addition, they undertake hands-on, innovative experimental projects involving robotics, computer programming and electronics. The humanities (Caribbean Unity) and foreign language (Mandarin) courses are designed to sharpen the students’ communication skills and to highlight the global connectedness of the world in which we live.

SPISE is held in Barbados each year and is free of cost to students who gain admission through a very competitive process. SPISE 2016 runs from July 16 to August 13, 2016. Applicants must be more than 16 but less than 18 years of age on July 1. The application deadline is March 31, 2016. Lots more information including application forms can be found here

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CADSTI-UK held its Inaugural fundraising luncheon on Sunday 5th July 2015 at the Holiday Inn – Kensington Forum ,  97 Cromwell Road, London SW7 3DN. The event was a lot of fun and tremendous success. Attendees very much enjoyed the Chinese auction, in which a one-week vacation at a property in Barbados owned by Prof. cardinal Warde and his wife was auctioned off. CADSTI-UK now has enough funds in its back account to quality as a tax-deductible charity under the rules of The Charities Commission.

Proceeds from the event will go towards advancing the work of CADSTI and the Caribbean Science Foundation, as well as encouraging our young people of Caribbean descent in the UK to study STEM subjects. CADSTI-UK has recently made a small donation the SPISE program which is run each summer in Barbados by the CSF. The hope is that several UK children of Caribbean descent will apply to SPISE this year.

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For residents of the UK, we invite you to join CADSTI-UK.  Membership forms and more information can be found at CADSTI-UK Website

Interested parties may follow the recent actions, activities and publications (including meeting minutes) of CADSTI-UK at the following Dropbox link:

Persons interested in membership in CADSTI-UK are encouraged to attend our regularly scheduled meetings and make a contribution to our goals ans projects. Questions can be addresses to:


The first CADSTI STEM Talk was held at Microsoft’s London office. Dr. Andrew Phillips, TR35 Award Winner and Head of Biological Computation at Microsoft, delivered the talk. Below is a link to a video highlighting the event.

STEM Talk 1 Video

More details are available here.

CADSTI STEM Talk No.2 will be held on April 22nd 2015 at Google’s London office. The featured speaker will be Jamaican-born, Simon Morrison.

Caribbean-UK Visionaries Challenge

The Caribbean-UK visionaries Challenge, modeled after the Sagicor Visionaries Challenge in the Caribbean (see was launched as a pilot project within the Evelyn Grace Academy in London on December 15, 2014. Up to seven teams within the school are expected to compete for the opportunity to join the winning teams from seven Caribbean countries in the Regional Championships to be held in Tampa, Florida 5 – 11 July 2015. A slide deck that summarizes the 2014 Caribbean-UK Visionaries project can be accessed here.

CADSTI-UK Leadership

Daryl Best- Chairman

Daryl Best - Director 2013-2014 (1) - Copy.jpg

Daryl Best attended Harrison College in Barbados. In 2007, he was appointed Head Boy of the school. Daryl received a Barbados Government Exhibition Award for excellent A-level results.

Recognised for his potential to make a difference in the development and prosperity of the Caribbean community, the University of Nottingham awarded Daryl a prestigious Developing Solutions Scholarship on admission to the Chemical Engineering department in 2007.

Daryl demonstrated excellent academic prowess during his degree, which earned him a BP Achievement Award in 2010. Also in 2010, he was named as a Faculty of Engineering High Flier and in 2012 he graduated with a First Class Honours Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering. Daryl has been awarded places on the UpRising Changemakers (2014), Common Purpose (2011) and Global Young Leaders (2007) leadership programs. Despite being offered a PhD with an Engineering Faculty scholarship, Daryl opted to practice process engineering in industry.

Daryl has worked in the Caribbean region in industries buy prednisone pills stretching from Rum Distillation through to downstream Oil & Gas. Daryl has worked in PepsiCo Research & Development European division, applying process engineering to help re-design crisps to be healthier but with the same great taste. Now at Jacobs Engineering, Daryl applies his trade to chemicals and the Oil & Gas industry to ensure that client facilities operate safely, efficiently, and sustainably.

In 2013 Daryl was awarded a scholarship from the Organization of American States for the pursuit of a second Masters Degree in Project Management, which he completed while working.

Having met Professor Cardinal Warde in Christmas of 2012, Daryl and Cardinal devised a plan for forming a CADSTI branch in the UK. The group first kicked off in February 2013 and were incorporated in September 2013.

Daryl also has a passion for music and learned to play piano, saxophone and double bass in his teenage years. He also enjoys a good game of cricket.

Keisha Taylor- Director


Keisha Taylor is a currently pursuing on scholarship an iPhD (MSc and PhD) in Web Science with the University of Southampton, in the UK. She has an MA in International Relations from the Universiteit van Amsterdam in the Netherlands and a BSc in Sociology from the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago. She also studied Internet Governance and ICT policy and with the DiploFoundation’s African, Caribbean and Pacific Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme.

She was previously Senior Manager, Business Planning and Research for TechSoup Global’s Data Services Programme and an Internet Society Fellow to the OECD Technology Foresight Forum, “Harnessing data as a new source of growth: Big Data analytics and policies”. She is interested in the use of technology and data in the emerging Internet of Things, digital inclusion, data privacy and protection, ‘smart communities’ and the innovative use of technology by micro, small and medium enterprises. She was a DiploFoundation Fellow to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), and has actively participated in and organised workshops in subsequent IGF, which look at the internet governance implications of the use of open and big data. She was also a Policy Fellow for Access, a global digital rights NGO. Prior to this she worked on a web based project which encouraged community groups to think of resources as more than money, an=s well as for the British Council on development services for the Middle East and North Africa (incorporating East Africa). In Trinidad she worked for the Co-operative Credit Union League of Trinidad and Tobago helping to support the Inter-American Development Bank Credit Union Strengthening Programme.

Penny Carballo-Smith- Consultant

Penny Carballo-Smith - Consultant 2013-2014 - Copy.jpg

Penny Carballo-Smith is the founder and executive director of Future Think Limited (, a UK based social enterprise which equips marginalised communities for the jobs of the future. Penny graduated from the University of the West Indies with a Bachelor of Laws Degree (2:1), and trained as an Attorney-At-Law at Trinidad’s Sir Hugh Wooding Law School. She worked for the then Trinidad and Tobago Telephone Company Limited (TELCO) and left to do a Masters degree in International Business Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science, graduating with Merit. Penny pursued a career in corporate tax consultancy in London, England at the professional services firm KPMG, developing specialisms in international tax, mergers & acquisitions and knowledge management. After 9 years, she moved on to become an independent consultant advising social enterprises, think tanks and other Not for Profit organisations on governance and strategy, and founded the social enterprise, Future Think Limited, in 2011. Penny is the 2012 winner of the Financial Times research prize on global financial regulation and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

CADSTI-UK Launched

The UK branch of the Caribbean Diaspora for Science, Technology and Innovation was launched in February of 2013. Monthly meetings of the Branch take place at the

Barbados High Commission
1 Great Russell Street,
London WC1B 3ND

The next meeting will take place on Friday Oct 4th 2013, at 18:30. More information about the Branch and the meeting can be found by sending an e-mail to The four officers listed below are in charge of the logistics of setting up the Branch as a legal non-profit charity and hosting the meetings to plan the initial activities of the Branch:

Daryl Best
Tyrone Roach
David Rollock
Penny Carballo-Smith

The activities of the Branch are guided by the general CADSTI principles and mission statement which can be found at the (CADSTI International Website). The article below was published in the UK edition of the Barbados Nation on 14 June 2013

CADSTI-UK in UK Barbados Nation 14-06-13.jpg