Barbados Junior Robotics Camp Archives (2015 – 2017)

2017 Barbados Junior Robotics Camps in the News

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2016 Barbados Junior Robotics Camps

The 2016 Level I Junior Robotics Camp ran from 4 July 2016 to 5 August 2016. Twenty students participated in the camps. The Level II camp ran from 5 July 2016 to 5 August 2016. Fifteen of the 21 student who participated in the 2015 Level I camp returned to participate in the 2016 Level II camp.

A set of photographs where to buy adderall online from the 2016 camps is displayed below.


2015 Barbados Junior Robotics Camp

The inaugural (pilot) Level I version of the camp was offered in the summer of 2015, and 21 students participated in the camp. A final report on the activities and highlights of the inaugural 2015 Junior Robotics Camp is available at the link below:

Final Junior Robotics Camp Report 2015 Barbados.

A video clip made by Mr. Hallam Hope, a member of the Robotics Camp planning Committee, showing the students at work in the 2015 camp can be viewed below:

A set of photographs from the 2015 camp is displayed below.