CSF Visiting Fellows Program

The Visiting CSF Fellows Program offers opportunities to leading academic and industry professionals to spend time at the CSF assisting the CSF with is programs. In most cases the expenses associated with the visit are covered by the Fellow’s home institution. Thus most Visiting CSF Fellows are on sabbatical leave or on leave of absence with a mission to perform public or community service. Fellows, therefore, work on projects that can have significant impact on the Caribbean Community and some aspect of science and technology must be involved. Both scientists and non-scientists are welcome to apply.

The goal is a win-win experience for the Fellow and the CSF, so mutual agreement is reached on the scope and the specific project or set of projects in which the Fellow is engaged. In addition to the direct community impact of the work, a scholarly article or report is expected to be one of the outcomes of the Fellowship.

Inquiries about and applications to the program should be referred to Prof. Cardinal Warde by e-mail at warde.csf@gmail.com.

Past and Current Fellows

Sept 2012 - Aug 2013

Prof. Maya Trotz – University of South Florida, Tampa FL, USA
Project: Implementation of the Sagicor Visionaries Challenge

Feb 2015 - Sept 2015
Dr. Cathy Radix – University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago
Project: Teacher training in Robotics