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SECTION II – Coding Games Application

The 2023 Computer Coding games is comprised of a problem-solving journey for teams and individuals culminating in an event at which the competitors showcase the coding solution they designed, built and tested in response to a problem or challenge. Individuals can participate in the coding competition and only one team per age level can enter from the same school.

The coding games involve the development of tools such as Apps, websites, games, or data analysis approaches to facilitate the solving of any one of the challenges below which affect Caribbean populations:

  1. Food Security and food safety
  2. Non-communicable diseases
  3. Energy production and consumption
  4. Transportation (Inter and Intra country)
  5. Money movement, fintech, financial education, investing, etc.
  6. Geohazards and climate change (e.g., hurricanes, earthquakes, and sea-level rise, etc.)

Three events are offered: a Level I competition (Scratch Coding Games) for students 12-15years, a Level II competition with Games based on Python (preferred) or other high-level language (no scratch) for students 16-18 years and a Level III competition for students 19-21 years of age with any sofware solution other than Scratch.
IMPORTANT: Only one application per team per level is to be submitted. However all team members must fill out Form 1.

The CSF Coding games committee will evaluate the submitted materials and inform the applicant or team by the 20th December if their application is successful. On the day of the Games (January 21, 2023) the selected teams will make a PowerPoint presentation that describes the challenge, their solution, and the anticipated benefits of the solution, and demonstrate to the public the workings of their software in solving the challenge.

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