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CSF Caribbean STEM Olympiads Application

SECTION I – Math Olympiad Application Form

The Math Olympiad is an annual STEM event in the form of a competition where teams compete to solve math problems in a limited time frame in front of an engaging and enthusiastic audience. Three events being offered are: a Level I competition for students 12 to 15 years of age, a level II competition for students 16-18 years of age, and a Level III competition for students 19-21 years old. Each school, community college, university, club or association will be allowed to enter only one team per age range with a maximum of 3 students per team. An individual entrant will be treated as a team with one participant.

The Math Olympiads are offered virtually, except for the Barbados event which will be offered in person. The Barbados event will be offered in collaboration with the Barbados Ministry of industry, Innovation, Science and Technology. It is open to Barbadian participants only and will take place at a different time than the virtual event for the other countries.
IMPORTANT: Only one application per team per level is to be submitted. However all team members must fill out the biographic information form (CSO-Form-1).

2023 Level I topics are: Elementary geometry, consumer arithmetic, number concepts and fractions and decimals, statistics and probability

2023 Level II Topics are: Algebra, coordinate geometry, introductory trigonometry, vectors, series and sequences, logarithms, and exponentials, calculus

2023 Level III Topics are: Series, Euclidean geometry and trigonometry, calculus, probability, matrices, complex numbers, and differential equations

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