What Coding Workshop Instructor Candidates Should Know

In 2018, the CSF Coding Workshops will attract some of the most enthusiastic Barbadians with interests in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Therefore, we are looking for highly qualified, enthusiastic, and talented Instructors to teach these extremely motivated students. In these Workshops, each student will be challenged outside his/her comfort zone, and we will be expecting and encouraging then to think and act creatively and innovatively in their software design. The number of students in each Workshop is not expected to exceed 25. Our goal is to provide key experiences for them that will help as they move forward into the workplace or university and beyond. The CSF philosophy is that the student is the customer and we (the Instructors, Facilitators, Coaches, Administrators and Staff) are simply the provider of services. If you do not agree with this philosophy, please do not apply. Preference will be given to Instructors who are available for all 3 months (3 hours each Saturday) of the Workshop. Should you be invited to become an Instructor, you will be expected to sign an engagement contract, and a modest stipend will be paid. Below is a brief list of the responsibilities of the Instructors, which will be included in the contract.


Instructors are expected to:
• Attend all training sessions which will take place over two Saturdays before the Workshop starts.
• Ensure the safety and well-being of the students at all times
buy cheap valium Attend classes with prepared lessons and materials appropriate for active teaching and learning. The
Head Instructor must be notified in advance about any absences.
• Create an open and positive learning environment that encourages students to ask questions and to
be active participants.
• Discourage rote learning, encourage critical and analytical thinking, and make sure each student
gains mastery of the fundamentals.
• Create a safe and comfortable environment where students are encouraged to ask any and all
• Prepare additional, more complex and challenging assignments for students who are ahead of the
• Be available every Saturday at the Workshop site for the duration of the Workshop. Also be
available for students to ask questions by phone or e-mail about the course concepts on weekdays.
• Use effective forms of communication to discuss individual problems that students may be facing.
• Provide students with emotional support and encouragement.
• Attend regular staff meetings by Webex with the Workshop Planning Committee
• Complete final student evaluations and final surveys on time at the end of the term
• Submit all your course materials by the end of the term to the CSF headquarters.


This job requires true commitment to the students, but it is also lots of fun and can be a most rewarding
experience! Instructors will be asked to meet (virtually if necessary) a couple of times before the
Workshop starts to clarify roles and responsibilities, and to make sure everything is prepared and ready
for the first day of classes.