The Caribbean Science Foundation has partnered with RISE


Calling all brilliant 15 to 17-year-old Caribbean people!

Apply to the RISE Initiative



The RISE initiative is a project-based challenge for brilliant 15-17 year old persons. The challenge is to research, design and execute a project which tackles a problem in their society. The project an focus on any kind of issue and applicants can use any subject area to address it. Support is provided through the project process and all applicants are exposed to many benefits such as access to a global network of brilliant people. The challenge is open until January 25th 2023. At the end of the challenge, a panel will judge the all the projects and 500 will be selected to move forward as finalists. The finalists will receive training and additional benefits. After a second round of panel judging 100 global winners will be chosen. View the Rise video at:

What is RISE

The Schmidt Futures co-founders Eric and Wendy Schmidt made a 1 billion philanthropic commitment to identify and support global talent.  Recognizing that brilliance is equally distributed but opportunity is not, RISE is on a mission to address this. RISE is a program that finds brilliant people who need opportunity and supports them as they work to serve others.

The Caribbean Science Foundation (CSF) and RISE 

The CSF promotes RISE Challenge through the Caribbean. Look out for information sessions about the RISE Initiative. Feel free to reach out to us for support! Write or call Dee-Ann Wood at the CSF ( or 1-246-417-7493).

Who can apply to RISE?

  • Anyone between 15 and 17 years old may apply.
  • There is no geographical limitation. Rise has received applicants from 170 countries, including refugees.
  • Applicants must display brilliance, perseverance, integrity, empathy and calling
  • The applicant does not need to be in school

What is the RISE Challenge Process?
1 – Register for the RISE challenge –
2 – Complete a project and document your journey through the research design and execution of your project
3 – Tell us about yourself by sharing your background information, education and aspirations
4 – Peer review other projects
5 – Complete quizzes and games

Complete all 5 steps by January 25th 2023!

What Would I Gain from Participating in RISE? 

All Applicants

  • Join a global community and can participate in the RISE Discord
  • Gain access to free online resources and events
  • Experience project-based learning  and human-centered design approaches for social impact
  • Learn about opportunities from our partners

500 finalists

  • Participate in bespoke educational and leadership courses
  • Gain access to additional funding opportunities to experiment with innovative ideas to solve our hardest challenges
  • Receive other benefits such as Duolingo English Test Waivers

100 Global Winners

  • Receive benefits for life to scale their impact, tailored to their needs as they evolve over time
  • Needs-based college scholarship
  • Invitation to a fully-funded Residential Summit
  • May also include graduate scholarships and funding to start a social enterprise
  • Access to specialized programs, courses, and fellowship opportunities
  • Mentorship and career services
  • Access to a world-renowned network
  • Technology packages

The RISE Challenge Timeline

Apply and complete project by January 25th 2023.
Finalists announced – June 2023
Winner announced – late 2023

Project Requirements and Support

Each applicant must complete a project. The project must try to solve a problem in your community using science, technology, innovation, art, policy, community organizing or anything else. The project must follow these three steps:

1 – Focus and Research
2 – Design and Plan
3 – Act and Reflect

The applicant must document their journey through the process. One way this can be done is through recording video using the prompts provided by RISE.

RISE provides guidance and support to applicants to help them build out their project. Applicants can access help through information sessions held by RISE or reach out to us at

For Teachers and Subject Matter Experts
Teachers and Subject Matter Experts can apply to be a part of the judging panel. Projects are expected across the globe and in all disciplines. Judging takes place after the January 25th 2023.

Visit the RISE official website at: