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Professor Cardinal Warde – Interim Executive Director

Prof. The Hon. Cardinal Warde is President of the Caribbean Diaspora for Science, Technology and Innovation (CADSTI), Interim Executive Director of the Caribbean Science Foundation, and a professor of Electrical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His research focuses on the development of optoelectronic neural co-processors for brain-like computing, multispectral-polarimetric imaging sensors, infrared projection displays and holographic displays. He is an inventor on twelve patents, and has published three book chapters in addition to over one-hundred-fifty technical papers on optical materials, devices and systems. Since 1997, Professor Warde has served as the Faculty Director of the MITES program at MIT (a six-week intensive program in science and engineering for gifted underrepresented minority high-school seniors).

Professor Warde is a fellow of the Optical Society of America, and a former Associate Editor of the Journal of Display Technology. He is the recipient of honorary doctorate degrees in science from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and the University of the West Indies. He has served on the US National Science Foundation Small Business Advisory Committee, on the Board of Trustees of Stevens Institute of Technology, and on the boards of several small high-technology companies. Dr. Warde founded Optron Systems, Inc. in 1982, and in 1999 co-founded Radiant Images, Inc. which was subsequently acquired by Hoya Corp. of Japan.

He is a native of Barbados, and received the Companion of Honour Award (the second highest honour awarded by the Government of Barbados) in 2003. He serves as a scientific advisor to the Governments of Barbados and Belize. He graduated from the Stevens Institute of Technology (with high honor) in 1969, and received the M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in physics in 1971 and 1974, respectively, from Yale University.


Dr. Dinah Sah – Co-Executive Director

Dr. Dinah Sah is the Co-Executive Director of the Caribbean Science Foundation (CSF), Director of the Student Program for Innovation in Science and Engineering (SPISE), President of CADSTI-New England, and a member of the Governing Council of CADSTI-CSF. SPISE is an annual intensive four-week enrichment residential summer program held at the University of West Indies in Barbados for promising Caribbean high-school students 16 and 17 years of age who are interested in pursuing careers in science and engineering.

Dr. Sah has more than 20 years of experience in research and drug development in the biotechnology industry, and is currently Chief Scientific Officer at Voyager Therapeutics, a start-up biotech company in Cambridge, MA. Prior to Voyager, Dr. Sah served at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals where she was Vice President of Research. Before joining Alnylam, Dr. Sah was Associate Director of Research at Biogen (now Biogen Idec), where she led neuroscience research, strategic planning for the neurobiology focus area, and several research projects. Prior to her 6 years at Biogen, she served at Signal Pharmaceuticals, where she headed neuroscience research, and several corporate partnerships and projects.

Dr. Sah’s achievements include leadership of multiple programs from early research through Phase 1 clinical trials, and the discovery of novel therapeutic targets and drug candidates that advanced into clinical development. Most notably, these programs included advancement of clinical candidates based on RNAi therapeutics that resulted in the landmark demonstration of human proof-of-mechanism for this novel class of drugs in patients. Dr. Sah is an inventor on more than 25 patents, and her publications across diverse research areas include 17 articles in the journals Nature Medicine, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Neuroscience, Nature Chemical Biology, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Molecular Therapeutics, Neuron, PNAS, and EMBO Journal. Dr. Sah received a B.S. in Biology from MIT, her Ph.D. in Neurobiology from Harvard University, and her post-doctoral training at Harvard Medical School.



Ms. Lois Oliver – Assistant Director

Lois Oliver currently serves as the Assistant Director of the CSF. In this role, she manages the day to day activities of the office and provides logistical support for many the CSF’s programs. Her role also requires her to interact closely with the many external partners and associates of the CSF. She has experience in event management, having worked previously as an Event Manager for an international event management company, and these skills serve her well in her current role..

Prior to joining the CSF, she spent 10 years in the brewing industry, where she gained experience and qualification in areas of project management, quality control, process control and optimisation, system management, recipe development and formatting and supervisory management. While there, she served on various committees, and was integral in facilitating the brewing department’s goal of achieving ISO certification.

She also has 5 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical field, where she served as a Medical Representative in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. In this role, she managed and promoted a portfolio of cardiovascular drugs to physicians and other healthcare workers and provided continuous medical education for the same group. She is a past student of Queen’s College (Barbados), and the University of the West Indies Cave Hill.


Pamela King – Bookkeeper

Pamela King is a management professional, with over 20 years experience in the dual capacity of accounting and administration. She worked extensively in Canadian IBCs where she developed an interest in financing and investments.

In her role as Bookkeeper, Pamela has prime responsibility for managing the company’s finances and also provides administrative support to the Assistant Director.


Pamela holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of the West Indies with a concentration on International Business. In her spare time she expresses her creative side through multimedia and graphic design.

Her hobbies include travelling, singing, listening to gospel music and engaging in educational conversations.


Mr. Michael King – Special Representative and Adviser

Michael King is the Special Representative and an Adviser to the CSF. His role includes representing the CSF diplomatically both inside and outside the Region, and forging and negotiating international relationships and collaborations for the CSF with regional and foreign entities.

Ambassador King has had a long and illustrious international career in government relations, diplomacy, business and economic development. As a diplomat, he has served as the Ambassador of Barbados to the United States of America, the Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States, and non-resident Ambassador to Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama. Prior to his assignment in the Americas, he served as the Ambassador of Barbados to the European Union, and non-resident Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, the World Trade Organization and UNESCO. He also served for five years on secondment as the Representative of the OAS in The Bahamas and for three years as Executive Director of the Caribbean Conservation Association.

After 37 years of service to Barbados he retired in 2014 from the position of Permanent Secretary in the Barbados Ministry of Agriculture, and was invited to join the CSF as its Special Representative and as an Adviser. He is a graduate of the City University of New York and the University of Oxford Foreign Service Program.


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