Caribbean Disapora for Science,Technology and Innovation

CADSTI Overview: Diaspora Engagement

The CSF is the project of the Caribbean Disapora for Science,Technology and Innovation (CADSTI). CADSTI is an international body of professionals who have an interest in the development of the Caribbean region. CADSTI recognizes that there is a vast talent pool within the larger Diaspora whose skills go untapped by the Caribbean community.

Structurally, CADSTI is organized as a network of branches in various cities throughout the Diaspora. One of its goals is to facilitate the networking that will bring resources from the Diaspora to the Region for the mutual benefit of all parties.The branches that have been established to date include:

Other branches to be established include: CADSTI-Canada (CADSTI-CA) and CADSTI-New York- New Jersey (CADSTI-NYNJ) and CADSTI-Mid Atlantic Region (CADSTI-MAR).

Database of Professionals/Consultants

CADSTI maintains a database of Caribbean science, technology and business professionals. It is intended for this database to be a resource useful to governments, industries, universities, other institutions and, in general, the people of the Caribbean. CADSTI will keep your detailed biographic information on file but will display only your basic information publicly on this website. If you want no information at all displayed, when you join please check the appropriate security box at the end of the application form.

CADSTI and CSF are often asked to help provide solutions to technical and policy problems in the Region and the Diaspora. It does so by recommending members in its database as consultants for these opportunities.  In the case where the consultant charges a fee for his/her services, the consultant is expected to make a contribution to the work of the CSF.  Such contributions are part of the sustainability mechanism of the CSF.

If you are a professional in the science, technology or business fields looking for a way to contribute to the Caribbean region, please consider joining CADSTI. Further, if you are interested in helping to set up a branch in your city or contributing to the work of a branch in your city, please contact Professor Cardinal Warde, President of CADSTI.

Join your local CADSTI Branch


For residents of the six New England states, we invite you to join CADSTI-NE.  Membership forms and more information can be found at the CADSTI-NE Website


For residents of the UK, we invite you to join CADSTI-NE.  Membership forms and more information can be found at the CADSTI-UK Website


For residents of the Southeast United States, we invite you to join CADSTI-SE.  More information can be found here

CADSTI Brochure

For anyone wishing to help us raise awareness of CADSTI and its work, here is the print version of the CADSTI Brochure.
A. CADSTI International Brochure Three-Panel Print Version Dec2015
This three-panel print version is designed for double side printing on letter-size paper followed by two folds to convert it to a hard copy of the brochure. Please feel free to print and distribute as many copies as you need. We thank you for your efforts!
The below screen-friendly version of the CADSTI brochure contains the same information as the above print version, except that the panels are in the normal order.
B. CADSTI International brochure screen-friendly version Dec2015


Ryerson University Hosts Inaugural Meeting to Launch CADSTI-Canada

Thanks to the institutional, and personal, support of Dr. Imogen Coe, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Ryerson University, and to the generous support with the planning and logistics from Prof. Emily Agard, Director of Science Communication, Outreach and Public Engagement, Ryerson University, the inaugural meeting of the Canada branch of the Caribbean Diaspora for Science Technology and Innovation (CADSTI-Canada) took place on Sunday 15 May 2016, 2:00 – 5:00 pm at Ryerson University. The venue was the beautiful new Student Learning Centre (SLC).

About 30 persons with links to several different Caribbean countries were in attendance. At the meeting, the initial ground work was laid for the formation of CADSTI-Canada. Information was disseminated about CADSTI, its mission, its organizational structure, and the activities of its existing branches in the UK, New England, US Southeast, and Silicon Valley. The Caribbean Science Foundation (CSF), which carries out the work of CADSTI on the ground in Region, was introduced and its 5 ongoing projects were described.

The outcomes of the meeting included: (a) a pledge from Dean Coe that the Administration of Ryerson University would help support the effort, in any way it can, to get CADSTI-Canada launched, and that Ryerson would begin to identify ways in which CADSTI and CSF could collaborate with Ryerson University, (b) identification of a small group of individuals who are willing, able and have the time to contribute to the work of CADSTI-Canada, (c) discussion of a set of potential projects that CADSTI-Canada may want to champion to help the Caribbean, and (d) a list of immediate action items.

Please watch this site for the date, time and venue for the next meeting, which should take place within the next month. To obtain minutes of the meeting, or to get your name on the mailing list, please send an e-mail to

CADSTI-NE November 2017 Newsletter Published



CADSTI-NE October 2016 Newsletter Published

CADSTI-New England’s October Newsletter features five SPISE Caribbean students for whom that organization arranged summer science and engineering internships over the summer of 2016. SPISE (Student Program for Innovation in Science and Engineering) is an intensive 4 week residential program for high school students in the STEM disciplines. SPISE is offered each summer in Barbados by the Caribbean Science Foundation. More information about SPISE can be found here. The five students are past graduates of SPISE and some are now enrolled in universities in the US and the Caribbean. The companies that hosted the interns are also highlighted in the Newsletter. CADSTI-NE is seeking additional companies that are willing to host Caribbean interns. The link below provides the full text of the Newsletter:
CADSTI-NE Newsletter Oct2016
CADSTI-NE has a vibrant membership and its leadership team meets via Webex almost every Sunday at 9:00 am to plan the activities of the organization. The Website of CADSTI-NE is If you are interested in making a contribution of any kind, please contact its President, Dr. Dinah Sah at


CADSTI-UK Inaugural Luncheon

The Caribbean Diaspora for Science, Technology and Innovation UK’s (CADSTI-UK) hosted its inaugural fundraising luncheon at 3pm on Sunday 5th July 2015 at the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum (97 Cromwell Road, London, SW7 4DN) famed for its Caribbean buffet. In attendance was the President, Barbadian, Professor Cardinal Warde, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The event provided attendees with an opportunity to network and to learn more about the work of CADSTI-UK and the Caribbean Science Foundation whilst enjoying great Caribbean food, drink and music by artistes such as Carrol Mapp, Sophia Mackay,Santiago, Jonathan Chase, and Ava Golding.

Guests had the chance to take home several great prizes during an auction and raffle in the afternoon. All proceeds from the event went towards sending a UK student to the Student Program for Innovation in Science and Engineering (SPISE) as well as supporting the STEM Coaching Club (see ) which assists young UK Caribbean people in studying STEM subjects at the GCSE level.

The SPISE is led by the Interim Executive Director of the CSF, Professor Cardinal Warde, and is modelled after the well-known and highly successful Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science program at the MIT ( Most SPISE students participate free of charge, due to generous donations from sponsors.Tickets to the event were £50. For further information, please contact

Caribbean Science Foundation

CARICOM Research Building
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Telephone: 1-246-417-7493

For further information, please contact:
Prof. Cardinal Warde