These are the words echoed by Prof. Cardinal Warde, Interim Executive Director of the Caribbean Science Foundation, as he
arrived in Barbados on Wednesday May 4th to promote the Barbados Junior Robotics Camps. This is the second summer of the
camps, which are being offered at two different levels by the Caribbean Science Foundation.

The Barbados Junior Robotics Camps are annual summer enrichment programs for youngBarbadian students interested in
robotics. No previous experience in robotics is required of the students. The camps are targeted at children who are
passionately interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and enjoy hands-on work. The broader
vision is that the growing interest in robotics will spawn the formation of robotics clubs in our schools, and our students can
become skilled enough to compete in international robotics competitions. Prof. Warde went on to say “Our future lies in the
scientific development of our young people, who are just as bright and talented and innovative as any I’ve seen across the
world. Let us harness and develop that creativity for the benefit of Barbados.”

The Level I, introductory camp, is open to new students who are no less than 9 years and no more than 13 years by July 1st,
2016. The Level II, more advanced camp, is open to those students who completed the introductory camp last year. The camps
runs from July 4 – Aug 5, 2016. To apply, visit The deadline
for student applications is May 15th, 2016. Professor Warde also announced that “we are also looking for facilitators for the
camps. Interested persons should visit the website and fill out the application.”

Barbados Urged to Join the Robotics Revolution

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