The ten students in the inaugural 2012 Student Program for Innovation in Science and Engineering (SPISE) have successfully completed a busy 4-week schedule comprising classes in calculus, physics, biochemistry, humanities (one Caribbean concept) and Mandarin, as well as laboratory project work in electronics and robotics. On the final afternoon of the program, in front of a packed and captivated audience, the students gave presentations on their projects in humanities, electronics and robotics that included demonstrations with metronomes clicking, numbers fl

TishIsaureLiamZackSoarayah-Tank.jpgashing, amplifiers playing music, and underwater robots navigating obstacles in a water tank. Dr. Basil Springer, in his Caribbean Business Enterprise Trust (CBET) column, referred to that afternoon as a ‘magnificent, indeed awesome experience’.
The inaugural SPISE represents the first milestone in the Caribbean Science Foundation’s mission to help diversify the economies of the Region by encouraging more students to pursue careers in science and engineering, and to consider becoming entrepreneurs. The Caribbean Science Foundation thanks the sponsors, whose support was absolutely critical for the 2012 SPISE, and the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Barbados Campus, whose generous donation of the use of their facilities made the program possible. The goal for SPISE 2013 is to double the number of students (with new as well as returning sponsors) and to increase the number of subject offerings so students have more choices.

For a sampling of press releases on the 2012 SPISE, including photos of the students and their project demonstrations, please click on the following links:
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Inaugural 2012 SPISE a Huge Success!

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