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SPISE Student Application (Part 7/7)

Application Verification

I understand that I: (a) must show proof of being a Caribbean citizen or permanent resident, or (b) must show proof of having spent the last four years continuously enrolled in a Caribbean school, and (c) must be at the CSEC/CAPE/Associate Degree level or equivalent (public or private), to apply to the SPISE.

If selected, I certify that I will be able to participate for the full duration of the SPISE Program.

If selected, I hereby agree to allow the Caribbean Science Foundation and the Caribbean Diaspora for Science, Technology and Innovation to use my photo, name, and academic and career interests for their website, press releases and public presentations.

I further certify that the information provided in this application, my essays, and other supplementary documents provided are true and complete. I understand that misrepresentation and/or withholding information may result in the rejection of consideration for this program or termination at any time during the program.

I hereby agree to waive my right to view my letters of recommendation, and release the educational institutions and related individuals from all liability in responding to inquiries regarding my application.

I release the Caribbean Science Foundation and the SPISE Program from any liability related to such inquiries.

If selected, I agree to abide by all program requirements, policies and practices.